Cute & Comfy

Processed with VSCO with m5 presetI think whenever anyone puts on an outfit, the two things they want to feel are cute and comfy, unless you’re going to a club, then you probably want to look better than just cute. However, on this day I was just shopping around Toronto so cute and comfy seemed like the way to go. I wore the one shoulder top because this summer has been pretty cold where I live and I’m always unsure of whether I should wear long sleeves or short sleeves, so I literally chose a top that gave me both. Apart from that, the top is light and airy, and perfect for chilly summer days. The jeans were a no brainer, anyone who owns a pair of boyfriend jeans knows how comfy they are. As for the shoes, if I know I’m going to be doing a lot of walking I always wear sneakers, it’s just not worth it to have your feet aching and swollen.

For my accessories I wore a thin, silver choker and hoop earrings, along with my RayBan round sunglasses that debuted in my first blog post. I have been wearing the earrings and sunglasses a lot lately, and some are saying (a.k.a my mother), I’m wearing them like they’re a uniform, but I just love how they look together. They can really elevate any outfit.

This outfit is perfect for any casual occasions where you want to be comfy without having to sacrifice style.


  • Sunglasses – RayBan
  • Earrings – Forever 21
  • Choker – Forever 21
  • Top – Free People
  • Jeans – Garage
  • Shoes – Stan Smith

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