NYC Look #2

Keeping in mind the weather and my destination, I chose an outfit that would keep me warm, while also fitting in with the NYC vibe. To me, the baker boy hat screamed NYC, mostly because these hats are worn a lot in TheDevil Wears Prada which takes place in New York. Nonetheless, I was definitely right because I saw tons of people wearing it.

When the weather is this cold, turtlenecks are the only thing that I wear. To me, turtlenecks make people look sophisticated and they’re perfect for last minute plans when you are looking at a closet full of clothes and saying you have nothing to wear. I paired the turtleneck with one of my favourite trends this fall and winter, the Sherpa jacket. I’m at the point where I’m over the typical long winter jackets with the fur on the hood, and I like that I’m starting to accumulate different styles of winter jackets.

I finished off the look with leather motorcycle boots to tie the outfit together. I knew we were heading to Soho to shop around, which meant a lot of walking. However, it was too cold to wear sneakers and have my ankles exposed. I made that mistake on day one by wearing pants that did not fully cover my ankles and I was full of regret, despite having to act otherwise. Both my mom and my grandma told me it was too cold to have my ankles exposed and I obviously didn’t listen. Fortunately, I knew that I wasn’t going to make the same mistake on day two. These motorcycle boots were ideal because they covered my ankles and are very easy to match with.


  • Hat – Asos
  • Turtleneck – Aritzia
  • Jacket – H&M
  • Jeans – Aritzia
  • Shoes – Zara


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