Summer Favourites

Unlike most people, summer is nowhere close to being my favourite season. The constant sweating, leg chafing, and always having to have your legs shaved is not what I would call my ideal season. However, what I do like about summer is that it’s the perfect time to wear those brighter colours in your wardrobe.

This red crop top is one of my favourite tops to wear in the summer, the colour combined with the wrap-around detail makes it the perfect bold piece. Aside from experimenting with bright colours, summer is the time when you can really get a lot of use out of your white clothing. I wouldn’t say that I follow the rule of “no white after labour day” but I definitely wouldn’t wear an all white outfit in any season other than summer.

For those of you who live the thick girl life like me, you know the pain of leg chafing. To prevent this pain I often wear pants during the summer, which could be the reason why I’m constantly sweating. White denim is always a popular choice in summer, however I personally think white skinny jeans are so 3 summers ago. It’s all about the straight and flare leg now, which is why I chose to wear these white flare jeans.

Sneakers are an all around wardrobe staple, but they are especially essential in the summer when you probably do the most walking. All my summer looks are usually paired with sneakers because they are always ideal for the few occasions that I have, which are almost always casual. I rarely have places to go so if you live a more exciting life than me, you probably wear more than just sneakers. Now if you’re wondering why in the hell am I wearing a leather jacket in the middle of summer, it’s because I am always cold. If there is even a slight breeze I usually need a jacket.

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I’m currently obsessed with cat eye sunglasses. My poor RayBans probably won’t see the light of day this summer because all I’ve been wearing are cat eye sunglasses. I love that they bring a retro vibe to any look.


  • Sunglasses – Zara
  • Top – Aritzia
  • Jacket – Zara
  • Jeans – H&M
  • Sneakers – Old Skool Vans


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